Height Weight Requirement for NDA

NDA an Ideal Choice

NDA is the ideal choice for those who wish to apply for the defense tests after class 12. National Defence Academy and Naval Academy examinations are held by the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) to select eligible students who have completed Class 12 for admission to the Army, Navy, and Air Force wings of the National Defence Academy and Indian Naval Academy programs. The written exam and SSB interview are both parts of the selection procedure.

On May 18, NDA 2 notification 2022 was published. From May 18 until June 7, 2022, the NDA 2 application form was accessible. From June 14 to June 20, a link to a withdrawal application form was provided.

On September 4, NDA 2 2022 will be held. More information on the NDA test, including eligibility, application form, exam pattern, selection procedure, and other associated information, may be found below.

Height Weight Requirement for NDA

A candidate selected by the Services Selection Board will be examined by a Board of Service Medical Officers under the NDA. Only those candidates who have been deemed fit by the Medical Board will be accepted to the school. The Medical Board’s proceedings are private and will not be disclosed to anybody. The President of the Medical Board, on the other hand, will inform the candidates who have been ruled unsuitable, as well as the procedure for requesting an Appeal Medical Board.

Candidates who are found unsuitable at the Appeal Medical Board will be informed of the Review Medical Board option.

The candidate must be in excellent bodily and mental condition, and free of any sickness or impairment that would make it difficult to fulfil military responsibilities effectively.

Height for NDA

There should be no signs of a weak constitution, physical deformities, or an underweight condition. The applicant must not be fat or overweight.
The minimum height requirement is 157.5 cms. (162.5 centimetres for the Air Force) Gorkhas and people from the hills of India’s north-eastern regions, such as Garhwal and Kumaon, would have a minimum height of 5 cm. The minimum allowable height for applicants from Lakshadweep might be decreased by 2 cm.

Height (in cms)Weight (in kgs)
 16-17 years17-18 years18-19 years

Weight for NDA

A 10% (or 6 kg for Navy) deviation from the average weight listed in table 1 above is regarded within normal limits. On the other hand, this may be eased to some amount in persons with heavy bones and a wide frame, as well as individuals who are underweight but otherwise healthy.

Note 1: The applicant’s height may be relaxed up to 2.5 cm (5 cm for Navy) if the Medical Board certifies that the candidate will grow and meet the requisite standard after completing his National Defence Academy training.

Note 2: To fulfill particular requirements as a pilot in the Air Force, the following leg length, thigh length, and sitting height measures will be acceptable:

Because of the younger age of NDA II Exam 2022 candidates, a margin of up to 5.0 cm in height, 2.5 cm in leg length (minimum), and 1.0 cm in sitting height (minimum) may be granted if the Medical Board certifies that the candidate will grow and meet the required standard after completing his NDA training.

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